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Ci trovi anche all’Agave in Città e alla Residenza Santa Cecilia

You can find us even at Agave in Città and at Residenza Santa Cecilia

You can find us even at Agave in Città and at Residenza Santa Cecilia

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We’re right in the heart of Costa degli Etruschi, in Val di Cornia, a truly special place where the Tuscan hills roll gently down to the sea.
Our land is a corner of Tuscany that still has to be discovered by mass tourism: a treasure chest sprinkled with wonderful nature and bits of ancient history.

The micro-climate has warm summers, which are always breezy and never damp, and temperate winters without ice and snow, drier during the day and damper at night.

Sunset view from the hill

Gentle hills, the countryside crossed by the Strada del Vino, woods, shaded pine groves and wide beaches brushed by a crystal-clear sea: this is the picture that defines the historic villages of Castagneto Carducci, Bolgheri and the resorts of Marina di Castagneto and Donoratico.

There are many wineries between Castagneto Carducci and Suvereto along the wine route, and they can satisfy every taste: the spectacular Moretti cellars at Suvereto that were recently created by the famous architect Botta are counterbalanced by the simplicity of the Sassicaia cellars of the Marquis Incisa della Rocchetta in Bolgheri. Between the two extremes there’s a huge number of producers of wines famous in all the world that we’d be happy to introduce you to: the historic Grattamacco and the marvellous, multi-award winning wines from TUA RITA in Suvereto, but also young, small-scale producers that certainly deserve a visit and a tasting.
For children and young adults there’s the amusement park at Donoratico, the zoo at Cecina, the terrarium with turtles at Massa Marittima and two water parks at Cecina and Follonica.

You can go horse-riding on the beach, in the pine woods or on the hills; you can take bike or walking trips, deep in nature and surrounded by enchanted landscapes, suspended between the hills and the sea.

Not only beaches

San Vincenzo is just a short way away from the most beautiful beaches in Tuscany. But the sea isn’t the only attraction. Anyone who wants to take a trip in history walking through the archaeological park of Populonia can see what the ancient Etruscans saw: the paths that twist through the woods glistening with iron slag and the blue sea of the Baratti Gulf and the ancient village of Populonia create a natural background. You can take advantage of our discount code to visit the archeological sites and museums part of Parchi di Val di Cornia.

(photo credit: Hermann Hammer)

For anyone wanting to extend the range of their excursions we’re at the centre of a huge area of great artistic and cultural interest. Apart from the park of Populonia and Baratti, just a few kilometres away you can find the archaeological mines park of San Silvestro, and Siena, Volterra, Pisa, San Gimignano, Roselle and San Galgano (famous for the legend of the sword stuck in the stone). A short distance away there is the spa at Calidario near Venturina, well-known for its sulphuric spring waters where you can swim in the big lake or relax on the wellness trail.

(photo credit: Vignaccia76)


You can reach it proceeding 5km of the famous Viale dei Cipressi of Carducci poem, here many small restaurants, wine and artisan shops. Among the most famous there is Enoteca Tognoni for a  wine tasting or on the Wine Road there are Osteria Magona and Osteria Caccia al Piano for a dinner full all “flab”!


In the Gulf of Baratti there is the only Etruscan city which overlooks the sea. From the necropolis it goes up to Populonia with the remains of the Etruscan and Roman acropolis. Don’t miss the view from the medieval towerand and a visit to the artisan shops including “il  pellaio” which creates handmade sandals! For the most adventurous one, from the Reciso’s parking, it starts a path in the wood which ends to Buca delle Fate, an unspoiled cove where everything becomes magic! You can also reach this small bay by boat for a swim in the blue (Ormeggio Baratti’s rental) or for a dive to discover the underwater beauties (Marenea Diving).

Campiglia Marittima

Mounted on a hill from which it dominates the sea and the surrounding countryside, Campiglia Marittima is one of the most beautiful historic villages on Costa degli Etruschi.

In this land of the most ancient traditions, in the heart of the Val di Cornia, there are evocative reminders of Etruscan, Roman and mediaeval civilisation.

Archeological Parks

The parks in the Val di Cornia are an incredible union of archaeology and nature that are unique in the world.

Located on the shoulders of Campiglia Marittima and the Piombino promontory, The Archaeological Mining Park of San Silvestro covers an area of around 450 hectares. The visitor routes wind between museums, mining galleries, a mediaeval miners’ and smelters’ that was founded a thousand years ago, and paths of historic, archaeological, geological and naturalistic interest.

The Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia covers an area between the slopes of the promontory of Piombino and the gulf of Baratti, where the Etruscan and Roman city of Populonia popped up. It was well-known even in ancient times for its intensive metalworking which was tied to iron production


An ancient Etruscan village, Castiglioncello commands a small promontory that is the last offshoot of the Livorno mountains. It’s a tourist resort of great prestige and the so-called “pearl of the Tyrhennian Sea” has a unique charm.

Castagneto Carducci

A small medieval village on the hill behind Donoratico. Perfect to have an aperitif or a dinner with sea view. Don’t miss “Peperita” peppers, famous all over the world! To Da Ciro for a napoletan pizza or to Vecchio Frantoio for a dinner with view.


Hunched out into the sea on a promontory opposite the islands of the Tuscan archipelago, rich in history and naturally protected environments – is one of the richest places on Costa degli Etruschi in terms of charm and beauty.


Suvereto is a real gem, rich in history and art: a splendid mediaeval village whose origins date back to the start of the 11th century. It is set on the slopes of the hills that dominate the sea and the Costa degli Etruschi, in the green valley crossed by the Cornia.


Set in a natural environment of rare beauty, in the valley of the river Cecina, Bibbona has the charm of an ancient mediaeval village, deep in the green of the woods and the countryside. Its well-equipped marina is an international tourist destination for those who love relaxing holidays filled with opportunities for sport and fun.

Il Museo Sensoriale e Multimediale del Vino

In Donoratico, at Casone Ugolino there is the Sensory and Multimedia Wine Museum of Bolgheri and the Tuscan Coast. The visit through the history of the wine is accompanied and illustrated by six lessons held by Prof. Attilio Scienza together with the major producers of the area that tell us about our territory. It’s also possible to taste and buy the best wines of the territory at the end of the visit.