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Strolghino di Culatello of Cinta Senese’s meat


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The “Strolghino di Culatello”: this is a small, fresh salame (on average it weighs 200/300 g). The authentic version is only produced in Bassa Parmense by Culatello producers. It’s a fresh “salume” without any preservatives but it isn’t aged either and so its lifespan is less than two months. Its production then runs in parallel with that of the “Culatello”, and in fact it’s made with trimmings from the “Culatello” and flavoured with whole pepper corns, wine, salt and crushed garlic (which is not ground into the paste but just soaked in the wine). It’s packed into a natural sausage skin and then aged for ten days or so (at first in cold storage and then in the “Culatello” cellar). The “Strolghino” is the “Culatello’s” litmus test. If the “Strolghino” is excellent then the “Culatello” will be too …. which we’ll taste at least two years later though… We really like “Strolghino” with fizz.

It should be kept for a couple of weeks in a cool and slightly damp place. Once it’s been sliced it should be kept for several days in the fridge covering the surface of the cut with clingfilm.

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Pork Meat, salt, pepper, garlic, wine, food preservatives (E252)

Producer Producted By Salumificio Squisito for Azienda Agricola Podere l’Agave

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400 g


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