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Ci trovi anche all’Agave in Città e alla Residenza Santa Cecilia

You can find us even at Agave in Città and at Residenza Santa Cecilia

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Semi-Seasoned Pecorino



Raw sheep’s milk pecorino to keep all the properties of the cheese intact. With an intense flavor and compact shape it is perfect for good connoisseurs!

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Product characteristics


Sheep milk, rennet, salt, ferments, lysozyme

Producer Podere Paterno farm

The Podere Paterno’s cheese is made exclusively from the milk of their sheep that graze on the hills of the Tuscan Maremma. They produce respecting the seasonal cycles of the animals, without hormonal treatments. In respect of the environment, the company uses a photovoltaic and geothermal system to maintain complete energy self-sufficiency and at the same time generate a minimal environmental impact.

Average Nutrition Facts
calculated for 100gr

Energy Value Kcal 388 / KJ 1609
32,90 g
20,18 g
2,20 g
0,60 g
Salt 1,19 g
Protein 20,87 g

Additional information


1200 g

Gross weight



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