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Ci trovi anche all’Agave in Città e alla Residenza Santa Cecilia

You can find us even at Agave in Città and at Residenza Santa Cecilia

You can find us even at Agave in Città and at Residenza Santa Cecilia

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Red pesto


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A good alternative to classic basil pesto, that has been changed with dryed tomato and nuts.

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Product characteristics


Sunflower oil, tomato 28%, dried tomatoes (after blanching in water) 21%, cashew nuts, basil, potato flakes, garlic, pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt


From Organic Farming di Controllo Autorizzato dal
 Operatore Controllato B1125

Producer Dispensa di Campagna

Sensitive to life and guided by a profound respect for nature, the Dispensa di Campagna, in addition to not using chemicals on the plantations, uses the agricultural rotation for the production of high quality organic products while promoting the need for fertility regeneration of the ground. The tomatoes, grown in the territory of Castagneto Carducci, have a particular flavor thanks to the proximity to the sea to the microclimate which promotes good plant growth. The raw material is carefully handled and processed within 48 hours of collection by transferring the freshness directly to the jar.

Average Nutrition Facts
calculated for 100gr

Energy Value Kcal 504 / KJ 2108
47,40 g
4,50 g
14 g
6,10 g
Protein 3,70 g
Fibers 3 g
Sodium 0,279 g

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300 g


Gross weight