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Pancetta of Cinta Senese’s meat


How many kg do you want?

Buy whole bacon

Whole with skin between 12 and 15 kg. Contact us for purchase.

Buy vacuum-sealed Prosciutto

If you want a piece, we will prepare it for you: peel it, add a sprig of rosemary and seal it under vacuum. Select the desired weight (kg).

The semi-free range bred pork really makes a difference with these two products. In fact, the fatty part is completely different from the large white pigs – it’s much oilier, with unsaturated fats rich in omega 3 and omega 6. The more fluid fat permits a better spread of the seasoning. Keep it in the fridge under clingfilm but vacuum-sealed is better. The lard is aged in marble bowls. Pork, salt, pepper and spices. Try and leave our lard and the large white pig’s at room temperature: ours melts quickly while the other remains unchanged.

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Product characteristics


Pork Meat, salt, pepper, aromas, wine

Producer Producted By Salumificio Squisito for Azienda Agricola Podere l’Agave

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1200 g



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