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Our olive oil

Our olive oil is an extra virgin olive oil particularly tangy and it is ideal to add flavour to warm or cold dishes.

New Extra virgin Olive oil Bio
Nuovo Olio EVO bio

Podere L’Agave Farmhouse: our BIO olive oil EVO

Podere L’Agave it is a farm surrounded by olive trees, some centuries old, on the hill behind San Vincenzo. Next to the history of this farm, in 1999, I decided to plant new olive trees that are a symbol of life and rebirth and we called this olive grove “Agavino”. To date, the cultivars present are Moraiolo (37%) followed by Canino (36%), Frantoio (11%), Maurino (8%), Gremignolo (6%), Pendolino (3%).

Thanks to our position, the olive trees are always kissed by the sun and pampered by the wind and this helps them to prevent the attacks of pathogens together with Gimmy who every year makes them silver by treating them with “Kaolin” (natural silica clay). Fertilization also takes place only with BIO organic products and it’ is used  just to replenish the nutrients that the plants need each year for production.

Olive harvesting

The olive harvest is done manually, in October, the olives are placed in 250 kg bins, according to a collection calendar based on: the degree of ripeness of the fruit, the degree of veraison, the fatty substance, resistance to detachment. The varieties are harvested by individual plot and by variety when necessary, the oil obtained is stored in separate vats, the milling takes place within 8/12 hours of harvesting.

Olives milling

The pressing of the olives takes place within 12 hours of harvesting at “Terre Dell’ Etruria” located in Donoratico (LI). It was recently built having been completed in 2011. It is a modern continuous cycle crusher, with disc crushing system with closed kneaders, to avoid the contact of the olive paste with the air.

The characteristics of a good organic extravirgin olive oil

How do you recognize a good olive oil?

  • Acidity – a good extra virgin oil shouldn’t be above 0.4%, and ours never goes beyond 0.3%
  • Peroxides – Peroxides are a type of oxidative alteration. They are the sign of the degradation and ageing of the oil. The law allows a maximum value of 20 mEq O2/kg for olive oil.
  • Polyphenols – These are anti-oxidants that prevent tumors, arteriosclerosis and other illnesses, and slow down ageing. Increasing this value, therefore, increases the beneficial qualities of the oil itself because the polyphenols slow down the ageing process both in the oil and in the person who consumes it. Our oil contains a polyphenol quantity above 300 mg/Kg.
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Product characteristics


100 % olive oil


Biologico CCPB Nr. CZ/CC 02117 del 11/02/19


Podere L'Agave srl

The farm extends for 22 hectares on the hills behind San Vincenzo and it surrounds the farmhouse, protecting it from noise and dangers. We are in the heart of the Etruscan Coast, a privileged place where the Tuscan hills gently slope down to the sea. We are an organic farmhouse so we don't use poisons to respect the area, our children, our guests and our customers. We produce seasonal fruit and vegetables, organic jams but above all organic extra virgin olive oil and cured meats.

Olive varieties

Moraiolo, Canino, Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino

Average Nutrition Facts (calculated for 100gr)

Energy Value Kcal 824 / KJ 3389
91,60 g
13,60 g

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